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Use theCC Authorization formto submit payments to PTS. Or you can phone it in or send in the body of a regular email.

Documents must be properly identified with your name, the document name, and the tax year.  Once you scan the documents into your phone or computer you may have to 'save as'... 
Ex:StephanieCardenas_W2_2015 (or any variation is fine.)

Download theTax Planningpdfdocument to use as a checklist for when your documents start to arrive.

3.  We'll organize & prepare the returns.

If we have any questions or need additional information, we'll let you know. 

4.  Finalizing is the last step - Review, pay the service fee, returns are electronically filed.... then you can pay any balance due to the IRS if required.

We will send your client copy back to you for review prior to printing, usually by e-mail.  DO NOT PRINT. Open the password protected pdf to review the information YOU & I included on your tax returns to lower your tax liability as mush as possible.  If it looks good, pay the tax prep fees to Pauline's Tax Service via debit or credit card either over the phone (or email) or filling out the below form (this is separate from any amount you may owe the IRS). Then, the returns will be e-filed.

Mail in or Drop off or email or upload your info to the client portal.



  • As your documents arrive (Jan-Feb), open and organize them to ensure you receive everything before you send via mail or via e-mail.


  • E-mail or upload to the Client portal – Save or rename your documents with your full name, the tax year, & document name.  Then upload those copies to the portal or an attachment in one email.   In the body of the e-mail you can include other information necessary (or create a word document). 



IMPORTANT: I have modified my office space lease and no longer have access to my normal room, I will mainly be working from home, but have access to the conference room if necessary. The physical mailing address will remain the same for mail ins, drop offs, and pickups; in office appointments will be limited in nature as most of the work can and will be done remotely.

 For Tax Time: Scan and/or email your documents.  If you don’t have access to email, physical mail is a great option.  There is no rush.  The IRS will not even begin processing and returning certain returns until mid february.  You may -drop off/ pick up- your documents.  There will be a limited amount of meeting space available
, especially during weekdays. Fax is also an option.

1.   Gather your formal documents & information -

Think W2's, 1099's, statements, and receipts that will aid in the preparation of your tax liability due.  Record keeping is essential to saving money in the long run & total your expenses for items like medical & dental (etc) prior to sending.

2.  Submit the pre-assembled information - One of the following ways.

1.  Upload to the client portal

2.  Email to Stephanie

3.  Drop off (or fax) to the office on Huron St.

   *there is a slot the left of the front door & most likely a receptionist will take the information for Stephanie.

4.  In office meetings or appointments will be limited , especially during "tax time", until further notice.  Please use one of the other options above and we thank you in advance.